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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Frog Applause Is Dead

Frog Applause

Sad news today.It seems my favorite comic strip,Frog Applause is gone.The wording on this-the last strip- seems very apropos.I started every day with this strip,and it's companion,Frog Blog.I will miss,I mean,really miss it.Good luck to Frog Applause author and artist,Teresa Burritt on all her endeavors.Thank you,Ms.Burritt:-)You have made my life better.


Anonymous said...

...Seems like you were wrong,asshole!

Andrew Wunderle said...

Dear appears that you are only partially correct.Reruns with or without the artist's approval are not the same as new material...and The Frog Blog is still gone.

But,yes Frog Applause has risen from the grave...if only in a Calvin & Hobbes sense of zombie reruns raping,pillaging and sucking every last ounce of blood out of a once proud fanchise.

This is more of a GoComics move to fill a empty $$$ hole than advance the work of the artist.

Still...the fans have been placated.They are getting a small Teresa fix...that is something.

I just hope that she is doing ok.

Andrew Wunderle said...

It appears that the Frog is dead but still living via the comments section.A zombie frog at best.

Andrew Wunderle said...

Looks like Ucomics is starting to publish daily FA repeats...we'll have to see what happens from here.

Andrew Wunderle said...

It seems that there maybe hope for the Frog.