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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Repubicans Bias Is Showing @ Brett Kavanaugh Hearings #Brett Kavanaugh

Let me get this right.

If I was Brett Kavanaugh( and for the sake of my argument, let us consider him thus) innocent, this is how I would have responded to questioning:
"Senator, this has been the most terrible 10 days of my life, my family's life, and, I'm sure, her life, but I am innocent. 
"Since the very beginnings of my judicial career I have worked hard to achieve my dream of becoming an United States Supreme Court Justice. 
"So, what is four more day, four more weeks, heck, four more months to achieve this dream.
"I demand a FBI investigation. Demand it! As a judge. As a man that aspires to the highest court of the land, justice must be served."

Of course,this is not what we got. We got partisan propaganda gobbledygook: from a judge!

But the worse is yet to come. Now, that there is going to be a FBI investigation, we get (not so) veiled threats from the Republican senators telling 'their' witnesses that if they change their stories that they ( the Republican senators)  will persecute them for purgery! Jail time!

This from an obstructionist party that refused to even discuss nominating a Supreme Court Justice. 

Yeah, this really makes me believe that Brett Kavanaugh is qualified to be an honest, impartially blind to the Constitution, Supreme Court Judge. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ohio State University : Urban Meyer vs. Jim Jordan

As an Ohio State fan, I have to admit that they have an abysmal record : abysmal - when it comes to integrity.

It seems every other year some kind of scandal covers one OSU program or another.

Yes, some are B.S. and some are overblown. And, yes, with competition within the high-powered schools, and the hype that goes along with such, I acknowledge that rules are being bent until some are broken on almost every college campus.

But, this in itself is not in anyway an excuse for any college getting away with misdeeds, up to including - especially including - The Ohio State University.

Okay, so just when is a coach responsible for the protection of other people from the actions of staff and players under his regime?

Whether you believe that Urban Meyer's punishment is either too lenient or too severe, everyone believes that an assistant coach's day to day job is more 'hands on' to the players he is responsible for than any head coach's.

That is why what Urban knew and did not know about his assistant coach Zech Smith is so important. Loyalty is one thing, but allowing kids - KIDS! - to put their trust and faith in someone whom is unworthy of such trust is appalling.

This is where congressman Jim Jordan comes into play.

As an assistant wrestling coach, Mr. Jordan probably had to had heard the scuttlebutt about how hands on the team doctor, Dr.Richard Strauss could be. Maybe, being part of the team, he had first hand knowledge. 

If, if, if, if, if.

If Urban Meyer knew. If Jim Jordan knew.

Whether you agree with it or not, Urban Meyer has been thoroughly investigated and punished.

Jim Jordan has not.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Snowflakes vs. ...

The right wing may be calling us snowflakes,  but if the right doesn't respond quickly to massive 'proven' corruption that is Trump and his swamp people, then it can be taken as fact that they don't care one iota about America, nor its government.

They won't, of course.

The right will continue to use propaganda and misrepresent because it is in their best interest, not America's.

That makes them- to use Trump's own language - a bunch of pussies. It's time to grab them and throw them out!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Points To Ponder

This is what I was thinking:

Donald Trump's decision to reimpose sanctions on Iraq has nothing to do with its nuclear program. I believe it has everything to do with Iraq's oil production lowering the price of Saudi Arabia oil. Funny how our gas prices keep going up, now.

If you want proof (or at least strong circumstantial evidence) that the Russians interfered in our last presidential election look no further then this little tidbit. It's no secret that Trump won just enough Electoral College votes to take the election. Now, think about this. How could the professional pole takers hit it so far off the mark on their predictions? With computer algorithms and such, do you really, really think that it was even vaguely possible for the whole pole taking community to all be that totally wrong?!?

Speaking of Russia, why aren't Donald Trump Jr. and his cohorts in jail? It has already been proven that they have met with high level commies to get or create dirt on Hillary. To think that Junior met them at a Trump Tower, and the then presidential candidate didn't know of the meeting seems utterly ridiculous. I mean, come on. Hasn't anybody not watched The Apprentice? Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

I believe we Americans as a group have become immune to the tragedies of mass shootings. Recently,  Eric Church told how he appeared in Vegas a week before the literal massacre there. He said that as an entertainer he felt like the bait that brought the victims in. 58 people [58! ] were murdered! Over 850 [!] were wounded! This happened only last October! Yet, until Eric Church, I can't remember the last time I thought or felt anything about this horror. I know that I am not alone on this.

And, lastly, think of this. What is morality? Is it relevant? Does being honest matter any more? Who are you going to be honest with? Google's watching. Facebook is watching. God is watching. Santa Claus is watching. Fox News is watching.

It's all us. It is all on us. If we let fear rule. If we let hatred win, we have no one but ourselves to blame. Root for the underdog. Screw the man. Live free or die.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

President Trump is saying that if you don't stand up for the National Anthem that you shouldn't get paid.

Is he just Putin us on?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Trump Tomatoes

After today's mess, I overheard a person at work say to one of his fellow employees that it's time to start throwing tomatoes at president Trump... and he was a Republican.

The other person said that wasting food was sinful.

You can't make this stuff up.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

What I've always wanted to say to John

Caution: Contains strong locker room language 

What good is it to gain the world, yet lose your soul?

I often think of this when I think about our president Trump. He seems to have everything, yet, nothing, at the same time. A Pontius Pilate on steriods: what is the truth?

Anything he makes it.

Oh, he's good at what he does. The master of the ruthless bluff. Lawyer the shit out of them. Make 'em an offer they can't refuse.

The ultimate modern American capitalist:   Amoral to a fault. Selfish to the nth degree. Greed is his compass. Like a general in a major war, people are his pawns. People are just numbers to be used and played.

Right and wrong are meaningless words to someone that creates truths out of  flim-flam salesmanship.

That is Trump's appeal. Lie with so much conviction; state with so much gall; look 'em straight in the eye with no gleam of guilt and tell them: the check is in the mail. I'll do it on Monday. Of course I will pull out, and people that need these assurances will gladly believe him.

A person at work actually  told me that President Trump is the only thing that makes sense. That is the true power of our president. He can sell a freezer to an eskimo... a monorail to the city of Springfield... a marching band to River City.

As George Baily said of Mr. Potter,"He's not selling: he's buying."

With each lie president Trump buys another soul into his cause.

I knew The Donald would win the presidency when he claimed he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters.

And he actually gained voters.

When Trump doesn't actually have to do what he says, he just has to say it for folks to buy into it, he's the one buying.

One soul at a time.

At this point of time the the alleged Russian pee tape, the alleged Russian collusion are totally meaningless. Bring them on.Admit to them. His base would not care one iota. They would cheer the fact.

The president of lies will not be happy until he is fully realized to be the king of lies and the people cheer.

And the whole world goes to Hell.

Maybe then, just maybe, Trump supporters will wake from their slumbers and complain and be defiant. But by then, it will be to late.

Because as an old girlfriend used to tell me, you can't complain about a man not pulling out when you are already letting him screw you.

Monday, February 26, 2018


Hey, Ammosexual, I know, I know that you love your AR-15 { and other semi-automatic weapons}. But what are they to you really? You can't hunt with them. It's overkill to protect your family and home with them { unless you want to shoot up both your and your neighbor's homes}.

Here's what they are: your favorite toy. You take it out to the shooting range, or out to the farm or quarry, and have a blast.

So, you are willing to let your sons and daughters die for a fucking toy!?!

A fucking toy!

Shame on you.

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Hey, Marco Rubio, we get it. You are firmly in the NRA's pocket. No matter what your constituents think, you can't afford to have their best interests at heart. You aren't going to do anything concerning gun control.
But, hey, you can still do something. How about using federal money for drones to patrol school grounds? What about gun safety classes in schools? Hell... forcefields... kung fu... anything!
Just don't let the discussion totally end with, 'Ya ain't taking' away my toys, yo.'
Man up, dude!
Do something:anything!

Monday, February 19, 2018

#HEYTrump/ #ExplainTheHat

Dear Mr. Trump, before you throw the FBI under the bus and blame them for the Florida shooter, remember whose hat that filthy animal was wearing.

Mr. Trump, please explain why this murderer would be wearing your hat, and how you feel about it.

#HEYTrump/ #ExplainTheHat

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Those saying in multiple ways that guns don't kill - people do, are being very disingenuous. While they quote their accolades to their love of weapons,  they offer no alternative solutions to ending mass shootings. They are just watering down the discussion - virtually destroying any attempt at finding a way to eliminate this violence.

This method of obstruction stalls any meaningful solutions to ending these tragedies: basically, by doing so, hinting that the only solution is banning guns.

I offer a word of heavy caution to the NRA brothers and sisters. Before it is too late, start offering other solutions than banning guns. Put your money where your mouth is. Be part of stopping this horror.

If you don't, soon it will be way too late, and 2nd Amendment or no 2nd Amendment American's guns will be taken away.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Trump Crossed The Pontius Pilate Line

I am not of the opinion that Mr. Donald Trump is a lonewolf political outsider. Mr. Trump has either bought or borrowed some of the best right wing talking heads that money and power can purchase.

In a country divided by the FOX/ Limbaugh propaganda hate machine  ( come on, even you have to admit that the country is divided exactly between the 'You Deciders' and the 'Lame Main Streamers'), which I like to refer to as the : Pontius Pilate line.

The truth? What is the truth?

Granted, I myself, at first, was quite befuddled why the Bible would allow Pilate to imply that the truth could be politically manipulated just after Jesus vowed to be the truth.

It seemed such a contradiction. If Jesus was the truth how could He be anything but?

And then it hit me. It wasn't exactly reading between the lines. It wasn't deciphering hidden messages. It was rock bottom.

The truth of Pontius Pilate was that of deception. Any junkie would know that. 'I can handle just one more drink.' 'I'll repay Grandma just as soon as I get back on my feet.' 'I'm just saying this little lie to save their feelings.' 'I can quit at any time.'

What is the truth? Whatever you want it to be.

But everybody that has hit rock bottom knows the deeper truth that Jesus was talking about. The truth that if you keep bullshitting yourself, you are going to die.

But that is only half the trick. This truth brings clarity. When lies and deception are dissolved away, to paraphrase the Bible  there are three things that remain: hope, faith & love.

For someone that has none, it can be argued that there is nothing better than hope. Hope against hope. If you don't believe you can make it, man, hoping you can make it to  the next moment can be a life saver.

Surviving enough of these hopeful moments can lead to something beyond hope. Faith. I've survived this before, I have faith that I can do it again.

I'll leave it up to you to discover how this links up to love. Suffice it to say, that believing in a higher power than yourself can ultimately expose the higher truth.

Which brings us back to the Pontius Pilate line. The way I see it the addict in us all wants to buy the bullshit that makes us comfortable. At this point we have to ask if the dealer is our friend? The way I see it while the dealer does seem the make us feel good, in reality he's cutting the product with junk and poison.

What we think is comforting us is in in reality poisoning us.

God damn the pusher man.

Now, let me make this plain as day. I am talking not about the lower echelon pusher. I am talking about the kingpin... the creme La Creme: FOX News and it's second, Rush Limbaugh.

God damn the pusher man.

FOX News is the god damn kingpin. It's Tv ratings nearly double it's nearest competitor, and its radio network has no competition. And especially powerful in their main demographics, Which is far as I can see in my limited capacity that demographic skews to a younger audience.

And they are hooked on this junk. This stuff has been sliced clean. The truth? What is the truth? Do the junkies know? Do they even care?

Most junkies don't.

Let's take a jab at a story of a atypical heroin addict.How does this junkie get started on the down hill journey?

Either through bad luck or bad life choices our victim gets addicted to oxycodone, perhaps even overmedicated enough to need the medicine after the medicine was actually no longer needed.

And then it is cut off.

Some people say that we are all only three bad choices away from ruin and our friend here has just struck out. To find his supposed comfort zone bad luck turns to criminal intent and bingo, we have a junkie.

While not a perfect analogy for the FOX News junkie, as with any user the fix becomes more important than the quality of the high, the bum-Rush ,the FOX fix. Any lie is accepted as an excuse to partake.

Complete 180° turns in opinion are acceptable...yea ol' bait and switch...every thing against those they preach against all the time is the norm. Dissenters are marginalized. This maybe ok when you are just hitting the bottom dweller, but when the junk starts moving up the food chain, larger problems occur.

When the user relies strictly on the dealer, anything the man sells the addict starts buying. Those that oppose any ideas other than the pusher's are cut out. 30 year congressmen that have the audacity to agree with the opponent is cut off of their stash. Thanks to their ever expanding territory, gerrymandering expands the cartels power. Funding is cut off, and Congress gains a T-party stooge guaranteed to win the primary, thus an easy victory in the firmly controlled general election.

 Power is solidified and only the cream of the crop have true power. Only the upper 0.1% have true say. America be damned / god damn the pusher man.

And Pontius Pilate has his day.And instead of a democracy, we have an oligarchy...and the complacency junkies shout out prayers-worshiping their fix masters all the way up the food chain no matter how bad things get.

Suddenly, as often happens with Pontius Pilate truth,when the lie becomes the truth, things start going south. In the search for rock bottom things get mucked up in the stirred up mud.

The higher truth becomes the biggest liar. Conditions become ripe for the king of lies.

Hello...Donald Trump.

Buyers keep selling because without their products main customers, the powers that be would start losing all, and slowly realize that they have to get in line or lose everything.

This is the Republican party right now. Sinking slowly, and now power junkies themselves heading willingly towards rock bottom.

How do I know this? Because Donald Trump does not and will not play their game. He is selling a better product, and the people are buying.

There is a new kingpin in town & they all know.

Perhaps, I am wrong and Mr. Trump will surprise us all and cut the junkies and their pusher masters off at the tit and bring sobriety back to the land.

But the only way I see him doing that is by sinking America to to the absolute rock bottom. All signs seem to point that way. His opposition has already been gathering into the fold.Not thinking about tomorrow, not even of today, but only the next fix.

I don't know, maybe this the only way that America is now ever going to be able to cross over the Pontius Pilate line onto the real truth, the real light, the true way of which Jesus spoke.

I hope and pray that it is not.

As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Keeping Up With The Frog

Frog Applause by Teresa Burritt is still one of the best comics out there. Here's a current example: 

Frog Applause

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

When Trump came for the Muslims,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a Muslim.

When Trump locked up the Mexicans,
I did not speak out;
I was not a Mexican

When Trump came for the press
I did not speak out;
As I did not work for the press.

When Trump came for the non Christians,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a non Christian.

When Trump came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Google Me This Batman...Is Hillary Getting Partial Treatment From Google?

This post...claiming that they are not accusing anyone of any crime, is doing just that. They are accusing Hillary Clinton of crimes because Google- they say- is manipulating its search engine in Hillary's favor.
Here is my question...are false accusations and downright misleading propaganda ( numerous committees have already vindicated Mrs. Clinton of lying and of the slanderous accusations of wrongdoing on both Benghazi and her personal e-mail ) against a presidential candidate supposed to hold the same weight in a browser search engine as stories and posts based on legitimate news stories?
Is propaganda's(whose sole purpose is to destroy an honorable reputation) value the same as purposeful journalism, or is its value more akin to a paid advertisement (whose sole purpose is to try to sell you something whether you want it or not)?
If it is the former, then Google has to deal with these stories as fitting to its work model, just like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk have their duty to report fair and balanced,and non-judgmentally as they claim.
But, if it is the latter, if the propaganda of destroying the Hillary campaign through various means falls more under the supposed purpose of advertisement, then Google is totally within their rights not to give these sites and postings anything unless they have agreed beforehand to the purchase of said spots.
For Google to intentionally allow propaganda (ie false and / or misleading) sites the preferred top spot access in something as big and possibly world changing as the United States presidential race, it could be seen as an attempt to influence the outcome of the race via manipulation.
Surely, the party that believes in the free market will stand with Google on this issue. No press is bad press, but advertisements are gonna cost ya.
Fair and decide.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

An Open Letter To The Cleveland Cavaliers:

Judging by Facebook, most totally in Cav fans have already given up any hope that you guys have any chance at winning the NBA championship.And why shouldn't they...they're Cleveland fans right?
We're Cleveland fans. We have The Catch, The Drive, The Fumble,the Shot, the Mistake on the Lake. Reality has made us seen things differently. We are forced to believe the truth: 2nd place is not the first loser: Giving up is losing.
The 1980's Cleveland Browns may have never won a Championship, but they were by far the most exciting team in football.
That is why us Cleveland fans lay claim to some of the best fans in professional sports. Championships alone do not make greatness.
Believing beyond hope. Fighting the greatest odds. Nevering saying die.These are life held values of fans of Cleveland sports
When we chant ,'Wait 'til next year!' It is not just a pacifying slogan, it is us fans wiping the blood from the corners of our mouth, getting back up, fist raised, ready for the next round.
Because we fight not only windmills, but dragons. We don't care what monster comes before us. We don't care the odds. We're going to make you earn it.
Sure,some franchises take advantage of this firm belief in never giving up (I'm talking to you Cleveland Browns ), but we don't care.
We're all in.
So, you go in there tonight, our Cleveland Cavaliers, and give it your 110%. You're from Cleveland. They may call us long suffering, but we know with no pain, there is gain. We never give in or give up.
Go Cavs!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Cleveland Browns vs. The G.O.P.

When Republicans talk about how 'liberal' they used to be back in the time of Lincoln I am reminded of the Cleveland Browns.
Sure, there was a time when The Cleveland Browns were the best team in professional football. They were in 10 straight championship games-winning seven of them !
Today's Browns are the exact opposite of those Browns.It's the same with today's Republicans. Everything the Lincoln era Republicans stood for is opposed by today's GOP.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Building A Student Loan Solution

I remember a long time ago when The Akron Beacon Journal did a multi~issue series on the graft and corporate corruption involving U.S. military spending. If I remember correctly, the corruption was so rampant, that even if a corporation was caught blatantly stealing or making subpar / unsafe parts, their contracts stated that all of their fines would be paid for by the government.

Why was I not surprised?

Today, because of the actions of a relatively few, Donald Trump wants to keep not just all Mexicans outside of the United States, but all Central and South American refugees as well.

These two seemingly random actions have giving me a third quite imaginative idea myself.

The next time the too big to fail banks fail, instead of leveling relatively small fines per dollar robbed, cheated or borrowed,and then having the said paid fines going into the Indiana Jones style vault never to be seen or heard from again, I suggest, we take these fines to erase student loans.

Why not? Who knows where these money thieves' penalty money really goes.If the banks snuggle up to the government like the war machine does, how do we even know that it is they that even pay the penalty? Maybe, they have terms where the government does.

Our government of the people, by the people,for the people should know and benefit from the illegal theft of their money and property. It should not go back anonymously into the very coffers that they may have never left from in the first place.

Mob like extortion rates on college loans is not just an outrage put upon U.S. citizens,but is a shining symbol of the political and corporate melding that has put profit before citizen representation and services that our government is supposed to be supplying to us.

When congress spends up to 60% of their time raising money, and the rest of the time obstructing the very government that they were voted in to office to support, I have very little faith that the billions of dollars in banking fines will ever see their way into actually benefiting the citizens that were robbed in the first place.

But, I will call out for justice, anyway. When the too big to fails are fined, use the money to erase all of the student loan shenanigans. We want to build a wall to stop a relatively few bad apples. We should destroy quasi legal student loans via the corrupt banking majority.        


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stairway To Heaven Beta 0.1 !?!

According to some folks this song is where Led Zeppelin got their inspiration for Stairway To Heaven.What do you think?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

How To Make America Great Again: Unions

If you want to make America great again,create more union jobs.These jobs are usually higher paying jobs.They protect not just the slackers,but all of their workers. You usually get health care & other benefits.Workers have rights.Workers work in safer working conditions.Because it is a union,you won't see any undocumented illegal aliens working in the shop.Union members get paid vacations,sick time and other sorts of leave.And, the company, because of these benefits, can hire the best of the best, making their product better and more efficiently with less turn over. These are what are called :GOOD JOBS ! They are good for everyone involved, especially the companies that have union labor ! So,why aren't there many of these GOOD JOBS out there? Because the top brass will only make 250 times more than their average employee ,instead of their normal 300 times or more !!! When companies can afford to hire hundreds of more employees and not affect the cost of the product,or the bottom line and only minimally affect the amount of profit the big bosses rake in, it is not the labor that makes the company's product cost prohibitive.IT IS JUST THE EXCUSE NOT TO CREATE GOOD JOBS! America can not be great until the trickle down theory raises up all the boats like the politicians claims it always will do. It's time for the BS'ers to get off the pot and do what they are always preaching to the masses that they are going to do: CREATE GOOD JOBS, NOW !!! Create Union jobs ! Make America great,again !

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Basing my assumptions solely on the advertisements that I have seen only on the Dayton,Ohio area television stations, here are ten ways that I have discovered that the local Republican candidates sell themselves to their voting public:

1: ( and foremost ) You must make facial expressions like Zoolander.

2: The conservative candidate must show at least one picture of themselves shooting an automatic weapon or a shotgun.

3: Mention that you will repeal Obama~care ( because if  the first 60 tries haven't succeeded.... ).

4: Be against the very things you are campaigning to become:

                          a)  Being a Washington insider.

                          b)  Being a career politician ( but never claiming to be only running for one or two terms ).

5: Pledge that you will stop immigration into our country by:

                           a) Building the wall.

                           b) Not allowing people from countries with terrorists in. 

6: The candidate will personally keep us all safe and personally destroy ISIS. 

7: He will make the military strong again.

8: You love America, and will return it to its basic Christian values.

9: You will claim that you started a business,but basically just re~started your Daddy's.

10: Use must use your family as props.

Granted,as a voting Democrat,these politicians aren't campaigning for my vote. But,these Washington insider wanna bee's aren't exactly proving themselves to be leaders or politicians capable of independent thought or decision making.

In fact,in my opinion, they are showing themselves to be nothing but T- party lackeys, choosing to run solely on the back of the Republican campaign committee's say so and advice. 

These ads are so cookie cutter that the only difference on where the individual candidates stand is in their Zoolander posings.

New and fresh to Washington? I just don't think so. These local yokel bubbas appear to be already bought and paid for....already voicing the do nothing rhetoric of the do nothing congress before they even get out of the primaries.

These candidates can't fix the problem, because they are the problem. Talk is cheap.Which is good..if it's already bought and paid for. 


                                                                 TRUMP 2016 ?